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A Question Of Guilt

January 31, 2010

I am a Christian, and I have wondered why more Christians were not aware of the Holocaust and what was happening to their Jewish friends.

We did have a service in about 1998 at a Temple, giving the Swedish people thanks for taking in refugees, coming from Denmark by boat, and giving them safety.

— Sonja

Sonja, too many Christians were aware of what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust. Some of them tried to help, some church groups and priests even worked underground in the resistance — but the majority kept silent.

The official policy of the church, and the Pope, was to support Hitler or to look the other way. And don’t forget that many people were too afraid to speak up because the Nazi regime was a brutal dictatorship.

Regardless, no one should have voluntarily helped the Nazis; but too many did. Many Christians held anti-Semitic beliefs themselves: They had been indoctrinated over centuries by the church that “the Jews had killed Jesus.”

I am glad that you ask questions. It is important to remember the past. That is our duty. Keep asking questions and you’ll find many answers. And maybe you can ask a Holocaust survivor to provide you with a personal picture of how life was like back then. Become his/her witness.

— Tekla Szymanski