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Searching for the Lubinski Family

January 31, 2010

I am looking for information on KURT LUBINSKI, his life and, especially, his photographic work. He was a German Jewish journalist and photographer and traveled the world in the 1920s and 30s. Lubinski worked for the Ullstein Verlag in Berlin and wrote many articles, accompanied by his own photographs, for the Berliner Morgenpost, Der Querschnitt and other magazines.

Lubinski was a close friend of the famous German journalist Manfred George who emigrated to the USA in 1938. Manfred George became the editor-in-chief of the German Jewish newspaper Aufbau in New York.

Kurt Lubinski was born in Berlin on October 19, 1899. In 1933, he emigrated to Holland and in 1938/1939 to England, and later (probably in 1943) to New York. His wife MARGOT LEWIN-RICHTER was a photographer. She was born on March 17, 1906, in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. They had a son PETER THOMAS LUBINSKI, born November 22, 1931, in Berlin.

The Lubinskis (and also their son) have already passed away. Is there still family of the Lubinskis living in the USA? Can anyone give me some information on them?

— Louis Zweers, The Netherlands

Readers’ Responses:

I was looking through books from 1939 and found some photos by Kurt Lubinski. [The books are part of] a four-volume, 1,592-page set called “The Story of The Bible/Told by Living Writers of Authority,” Library Edition in Four Volumes, With Upwards of 1200 Illustrations in Colour and Monotone. The publisher is Wm. H. Wise & Co., New York, MCMXXXIX.

the pictures in these books are from many sources, most of them from the American Colony in Jerusalem. The one [picture] I noticed from Lubinski (I then googled and found your inquiry) was in volume four, “St. John to Revelation.”

I thought you might want to know some of his work was published in that set. It’s a time trip back into that part of the world — both to the early part of the 20th century and to two millennia ago.
— Tom, Boston

My mother Erika Landsberg-Simon (Glueck;Crossman;von Meiss;Sieber;Levi),
made a contract with Kurt Lubinski in 1938. My mother was to send photographs from Africa; they were to be offered as Photograph by Meiss-Teuffen with the copyright by Kurt and Margot Lubinski.

I am currently sifting through my mothers papers; there may be more info. If anyone has seen any publication with photos by my mother, I would be very happy to have access to them.

I am vague about Hans von Meiss-Teuffen’s whereabouts after 1973. I do know that he managed a country club at Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State for a while. He was the only husband of my mothers to be at her funeral in 1979 (he married my mother in N’dola, then Northern Rhodesia, in 1937 and they were divorced in Switzerland in 1941).

He committed suicide sometime in the 80’s (possibly 90’s), but I do not know what year. I was told this by my aunt (my father’s sister), who is the sister-in-law of Hans von Meiss. I have information about his activities in Africa during the time he was married to my mother, as I have unearthed correspondence from that time.
— Kora Dalager-Sieber